Spring Band Concert

May 3, 2006

5th Grade Band and 6th Grade Band

The 5th Grade Band performs their first concert.

The 6th Grade Band.

Chelsea Wellmann (6th grade) performs on keyboard with the 6th grade band.

Junior High Concert Band

The 8th Grade band members perform the song they chose as a class.

High School Concert Band

A new twist - high school band members learned a new instrument this year and performed a song on the concert!

A few high school drummers learned to play the trumpet.

Some non-drummers playing percussion!

The "new" trombone section!

Steph Hogenkamp receives an award.

Junior High Ensembles

The Junior High Ensembles that competed at District Competition performed their music before the concert.

Clarinet trio #1 (Tori Rutledge, Erika Mohler, Amanda Burnett)

Clarinet trio #2 (Sydney Bradley, Ashley Hoffman, Luke Metzner)

Flute Quartet (Meghan Ryba, Katie Knoderer, Kayla Wrasman, Sabryna Ashby)

Trumpet Trio (Sam Stant, Tatum Mauk, Bailey Calvelage)

Low Brass Trio (Carrie Honigford, Sabryna Ashby, Trevor Kroeger)

Percussion Quartet (Trevor Kroeger, Alex Schnipke, Chris Pohlman,Jamie Klausing)

Saxophone Quartet (Katelyn Etgen, Tori Rutledge, Chris Pohlman, Megan Klausing)

Snare trio (Brion Wreede, Chad Jettinghoff, Justin Hanf)