1995 Percussion learning the new feature

Practicing in the heat of band camp

Majorette Leslie Ulm (freshman)

Percussion hard at work

1995 Canal Days parade

Parade to the stadium

The percussion always have the most work to do during parades

The "Stick Jay" - a Blue Jay made from the broken snare sticks that the snare drummers broke throughout the season

Taking a bus to the stadium

Senior Field Commander Jen Gessner stands with some of her fellow senior band members on Band Night

Nick Pohlman (cymbals) and Eric Wegesin (trumpet), seniors

The famous "Drum Cam" - a video camera attached to the bottom of Joe Pohlman's drum videoed the entire halftime show from a drum's perspective

Seniors - class of 1996

1995 Percussion (and a creative use for extra bass drum muffle tape)

Trumpets puttin' forth some sound!

Practicing at band camp

Percussion hanging out before a performance

Free time at band camp is a great chance to socialize and make lasting friendships

Jen Gessner conducts the 1995 marching band in the annual concert