Practicing for the 2001 Percussion Feature

Relaxing in the stands during a break

Freshmen band members

Our practice area was the parking lot behind school where the All-Saints Building now stands

Brenda and Issac - saxophone

Woodwinds of 2001

Dustin (trumpet) puts forth 100% every practice

Mallet players for the 2001 percussion feature


Senior Field Commander Kristy Fetzer leads the band in the homecoming parade

Laura, Heather, Jodi, Nick - low brass section

2001 trumpet section

2001 saxophone section

Band members make a close-knit group of friends

A hot early-season game means summer uniforms!

Trumpet quartet being featured at the fair show

Performing on the dirt track at the Van Wert County Fair

Ryan Schmit, junior (trumpet)

Kurt "KB" shows just what happens to a cymbal when you play REALLY hard during a performance

2001 percussion feature played on metal pans

Field Commander Kristy Fetzer waits to start the band's performance at the Van Wert County Fair band show

Audra Miller, majorette (junior)

Curt Fischer, senior saxophonist

Pre-game downfield

Ryan Schmit at the Canal Days Parade

Practice makes perfect, even on the hot blacktop!