Uniform Rules

Our new marching band uniforms are VERY expensive. Please take care of them and treat them kindly. We also have some specific rules to make sure everyone looks, well, uniform. Here they are:

  1. Underneath your uniform, on the top you must wear a white shirt, white only! It can be a T-shirt or sweatshirt. The shirt must have short or long sleeves - no tank tops or shirts with the sleeves cut off, please, and no hooded sweatshirts.
  2. NO JEANS underneath your uniform pants. You may wear shorts or sweatpants. There must be nothing hanging out of the bottom of your uniform pants, so if your sweatpants are long, roll them up and TAPE them up so they will not come down during performance. The best thing to wear under your uniform pants at cold games is a pair of nylon/spandex running pants.
  3. BLACK socks, please, and make sure they are tall enough that when you march, you do not see your skin at the ankle. They need to be higher than the ankle - mid calf.
  4. Your hair must fit completely up in your hat. Prepare to pull your hair up and under your hat, bring whatever you nee to contain your hair.
  5. NO dangly jewelry (earrings) and no necklaces outside of the uniform.
  6. At cold games - you may wear a hat and gloves/scarf over your uniform. Any item of clothing must be a neutral color or say 'St. John's' on them - do no wear other school's or team's clothing. If you are cold, put your raincoat on. They are very steamy warm. No one is to put any other type jacket or coat over their uniform coat.
  7. If your uniform gets wet, please hang it up at home to dry. Same goes for your raincoat. Mold does not come out of uniforms, so you will be responsible for the cost of the uniform if it gets moldy (yuck!).
  8. Raincoats should be kept and transported to EVERY performance in a bag, labeled with your name.
  9. CLEAN YOUR DINKLES! Dirty dinkles means LAPS.
  10. Make sure you have clean white gloves, and an extra pair in case you lose one during the game. ONLY flute and clarinet players should cut off their fingertips - cut off at the first knuckle only. Ask Ms. hare before cutting, because if you cut wrong you will have to buy a new pair. Percussion (not cymbals) may cut off the fingers at the second knuckle.
  11. Keep these new white uniform jackets CLEAN. If you spill something on them it is your responsibility to get them dry cleaned immediately. Failure to do so could result in permanent stains, and you will be responsible for the FULL cost of the uniform jacket. Do NOT let your uniform touch the floor when changing clothes. Anyone with a uniform on or touching the floor will receive laps.
  12. Dinkles (shoes) should be stored in the shoe pouch attached to the back of the garment bag or a separate duffel bag. Do NOT put your shoes in the garment back with your uniform.

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Game Day Rules

  1. No Gum at any time during the game.
  2. No eating or drinking (other than water) until after halftime.
  3. Concession stands may only be visited during your third quarter break. After halftime, you have third quarter free to go to the restroom, go to the concession stand, or say hi to Mom. Everyone MUST be back in their seats with their instruments ready to play when the clock hits 0. If you are not sitting in your seat with instrument in your hand, you will lose your 3rd quarter break at the next game. Don't abuse this privilege, please!
  4. When coming off the field after your halftime performance, everyone freezes after the halt cadence and does not move until you hear the command 'Fall Out'. At this point (at away games) you will form 2 lines (percussion in back) and you will follow your field commander marching to cadences back to the stands. After every halt, you freeze until the 'Fall Out' command is heard.
  5. At home games when we win, we perform post game. In post game, we do a random yet organized march onto the field, where we stand and play 2-3 songs to entertain the crowd as they are leaving.
  6. Report Times: - You must be IN the bandroom by the posted report time or you will receive late laps. Drummers should arrive early to load their drums on the trailer. Everyone is responsible for loading their own instrument on the trailer, along with uniform bags and hat boxes in the designated uniform van. Arriving earlier than the report time is encouraged and recommended.
  7. Specific members will be assigned to each performance date to arrive 30 minutes before report time to bring down and sort the uniforms, and likewise stay after the performance to put the uniforms back up. Please do your part.

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Practice/Rehearsal Rules

  1. Any absence from a practice MUST have a written note signed by a parent explaining your absence. Absences due to scheduled appointments, etc. should have notes written and turned in in advance. Absences due to illness, etc. should have a note turned in the very next practice. Please try to avoid scheduling appointments during scheduled practices...our time is limited!
  2. Members of sports teams that have practices scheduled right after school in conflict with band should split time - go to band the first half of practice and then you may leave early to attend your other practice. It is your responsibility to speak with your coaches and let them know your band schedule. If you have a game/meet, please come to band for as much time as possible. You do not need to turn in a note for missing practices due to games/meets as long as you have turned in a schedule of games to Ms. Hare at the start of the season.
  3. Always have plastic bags on hand for charts and music in case of rain. If your music or charts get wet, please take them home, take the music out of the folio and lay out to air dry. Drummers - make sure you dry off your instruments before putting them away.
  4. All snare and bass drummers should cover their drums (the white shell) with a towel or some sort of covering to prevent yellowing by the sun.

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